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Lower Life Form Feeling The Love All Over Again

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The very first show that we covered for Rocks Off was an event put on by the despicable Houston Chronicle called the Hometown Showdown, all the way back in October 2007. Many of the bands that performed there are defunct now, which is known as the Houston Chronicle Curse. One of them, and one of the highlights of the evening, was a hip-hop hodgepodge called Lower Life Form.

At the time, LLF was a pretty tough-stuff group. They were widely regarded as live dynamos and even released a proper album that was unfairly ignored. Their eventual diffusion into the atmosphere wasn't unexpected.

It's the worst part of covering underground music: You get familiar with a group or musician, and their music serves as the inadvertent spine of their very existence. Then they stop making it and that's that, but that didn't make it any more palatable.

So when we found out recently that Lower Life Form was reuniting(!) behind the strength of an all new album(!!) with all-new music(!!!), casting aside the Houston Chronicle Curse, we made certain to get a bit of their time to ask them things. They're back from the dead. Interview ahead, suckas.

Rocks Off: In exactly six words, tell everyone everything they need to know about Lower Life Form.

Lower Life Form, "Let's Go"

Lower Life Form, "Let's Go"

Lower Life Form: They love us all over again.

RO: Now, it's been some time since you guys have put anything out, right? Why the layoff?

LLF: We've just been stockpiling tracks and watching people get more thirsty by the day until we decided to quench their thirst. We've had this album in the wings for quite a while now but wanted to wait until we felt that the time was right. That time is now.

RO: Are all of the pieces the same, or have there been drops, replacements, additions, etc.? Do you all feature a juggler now? We heard you feature a juggler.

LLF: There have been changes, subtractions, additions and additions by subtraction. We all successfully juggle multiple careers and projects so in that sense, yes. But none of us juggle balls.

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