Ludacris: Theater of the Mind

Ludacris's strength as a rapper has been, and always will be, an unfortunate irony: he's a schizophrenic mess of disputatious bravado and wit. It serves him well on guest appearances and mixtapes, when his bawling spit is leashed by time restraints or non-agendas, but it translates poorly to full-length efforts. He's the musical equivalent to Allen Iverson: handicapped by his own bombastic skill and unending creativity, and Theater of the Mind may be the most accurate portrayal of that yet. Consider this one fact: There are 18 (!) other people featured on the album, a clear sign of a substantive want. Even phoned-in contributions from Nas and Jay-Z ("I Do It for Hip-Hop") painfully reveal the lyrical caste discrepancy. Now, qualified by a "punch line per capita" stipulation, Luda is the best in the game and is at the height of his powers here. When he sneaks his way to a roaring proclamation, on the horn-driven boom-bap track "Undisputed," that the name of his insurance is "YOUR FUCKIN' FAULT!" it's outright brilliant. But subsequent listens dull the luster of surprise, and you're left wishing there were a way to experience it again for the first time. Perhaps he's more Sixth Sense than AI.

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Shea Serrano