Lydia Lunch Returns to Houston to Whisper and Scream

How in the name of all things Holy and Un do you prepare for Lydia Lunch? Pinning a genre on her is harder than getting a ferret in a tube sock. She is by definition the antithesis of all definition, spouting pop music, No Wave, spoken word, and just in general making a spectacle of herself.

And she's coming back to Houston, one of her favorite places.

"Set me loose among the cowboys," she says gleefully over the phone. "They just get me here."

Indeed, her upcoming performance for one night only in town is at one of her favorite venues in the world, the Catastrophic Theatre.

"There just aren't many places that are appropriate for what I do. Catastrophic is one of them. I love being here." She's a big Scarface fan, as well, just to cement her H-town credentials.

So what exactly is it that she does?


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Well lately, Lunch has been working with a group called Big Sexy Noise. It's dark rock with a good blues bass, and for her it's almost mainstream. Such music enjoys greater exposure now thanks to the Southern gothic of True Blood, and you should definitely get yourself a copy of either of the two BSN albums. That's not what we're going to see in Houston, though.

Lunch is bringing something much darker, more sinister, and definitely more improvisational in nature. She's bringing drummer Weasel Walter with her, and a collection of ambient tracks that she's prepared in advance. "Psycho-ambient," she calls it. These will serve as the backdrop for a primarily spoken-word set, and Lunch's spoken word is justly famous for its razor-sharp edge.

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