Machine Head Pushes Houston Fans To Their Limit

Frontman Robb Flynn singing to the crowd.
Frontman Robb Flynn singing to the crowd. Photo by Jennifer Lake
Endurance was everything on Wednesday night when Machine Head brought their Burn My Eyes 25th Anniversary Tour to House of Blues. Celebrating their debut album, the heavy metal band played an extended set, starting with their latest lineup and changing out members mid-set to give their most loyal fans a glimpse into the past.

Are your ready to lose you’re fucking mind Houston?!” screamed lead sing Robb Flynn as he held his guitar up over his head and observed the crowd before him. "Let me see your drinks!" demanding the concert goers hold up their beverages.
click to enlarge Guitarist Waclaw Kieltyka . - PHOTO BY JENNIFER LAKE
Guitarist Waclaw Kieltyka .
Photo by Jennifer Lake
The heavy metal band opened with one of their most notable songs, "Imperium," while fans instantaneously began their headbanging assault through the bobbing, heavy metal riffs. Playing numerous songs including "Locust" and "Darkness Within," the band touched on all their past albums. Paying tribute to fallen friend and rock icon Dimebag Darrell, and playing a cover of Iron Maiden’s "Hollowed Be Thy Name," the band played a monumental set that shook the crowd. After a spotlit guitar solo and a confetti blast during their final song "Halo" they exited the stage as the crowd gave a continuous chant. "Machine fuckin head! Machine fuckin head!"
click to enlarge Bassist Jared MacEachern. - PHOTO BY JENNIFER LAKE
Bassist Jared MacEachern.
Photo by Jennifer Lake
"Houston's killing it tonight with the ladies. We play shows every night and it's normally a sausagefest, but I see a lot of women supporting Machine Head tonight," Flynn shouted.

Returning to the stage, Flynn was joined by original Burn My Eyes members Logan Mader and Chris Kontos to begin what would be the long-awaited return of the original crew. Mader and Kanotos have been apart from the band for more than 20 years but are now reunited with Flynn to bring the monumental album straight to their fans.
click to enlarge The crowd. - PHOTO BY JENNIFER LAKE
The crowd.
Photo by Jennifer Lake
Starting out with a barrage of red and blue flashing lights resembling police sirens, the band opened with their hardest hitting song "Davidian."

“Open up the fucking pit!” demanded Flynn “I want to see everyone moving, this night isn’t over yet! This is drunk cardio and y'all are gonna be feeling it tomorrow morning!"

With the older members intact, the band raged on in a whole different presence. The tightness and energy of the reunited form re-energized the crowd to start a whole new set. Through the onslaught of old tunes, the band also took time to play some notable metal classics like Metallica's "Sanatarium" and Slayer's "South of Heaven".

The moshpit started back up and it was a whole new Machine Head concert.
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