Magnolia City Mixtape: All The Scoop In One Fell Swoop... ACL Starts Us Off

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Austin City Limits will be October 8-10 this year, and MCM expects the line-up to be released in the next month or so. You can sign up for the e-list to get first notice of who's playing. If your profile is updated by today you'll also get a special secret password for ticket pre-sales, which will start April 20. This is all part of some complicated "improvement" of the ticket sales process, which you can read all about here. The Pulitzer Prize winners were announced yesterday, and while the prize is traditionally given for a work completed in the past year, this year the board awarded a special lifetime achievement recognition to perennial Rocks Off favorite Hank Williams, almost six decades after his untimely death at age 29. Violinist Jennifer Higdon was the winner of the annual award, which includes $10,000 as a prize. This Billy Joe Shaver story is endlessly entertaining. He was exonerated last week after proclaiming his regret for going Dick Cheney on a guy following a drunken brawl. Now he wants his bullet back. At a gig at Houston's Firehouse Saloon the night after his court appearance, Shaver performed his song, "Where Do You Want It?" a line he reportedly uttered before shooting the other guy in the face. Conclusion: don't fuck with Billy Joe Shaver (or his wife). Duh. Rocks Off will have an interview with Shaver's bassist Nick Gaitan, who attended the trial and the gig, shortly. Tomorrow night is the benefit for Rocks Off photog, Prairie Cadet and all-around good guy Marc Brubaker, whose house was broken into. Be a pal and come on out. Also tomorrow, improvisational jazz artists John Butcher (right) and Joe McPhee will perform as part of Nameless Sound's Andrew Mark Ladd Memorial Concert Series. Best of all, the show, at Richmond Hall is FREE DOLLARS. Internationally recognized jazz for free. This town rocks. Um, literally. Big musical goings-on this Saturday. Let's see what's on the schedule. For one, it's record store day, and Cactus Records is having a big she-bang. But so are some of the other local record stores, so don't neglect the places like Sound Exchange and Vinyl Edge. sIngs CD release party at Mangos at 8 p.m.. So many bands have been added to this show that MCM can't keep track, which likely means it'll be awesome. $8 includes a CD. Also Saturday is Freddie Steady 5's Live From SugarHill Studios CD release party, 9 p.m. at Continental Club. The Mitch Jacobs Band will also be performing. Finally, Saturday marks the start of the Skate & Rock concert series at the Jamail Skate Park. The Luxurious Panthers will play and Pink's Pizza will be there with grub. Expect two more shows in the series, May 22 and June 19th. 6 p.m. and FREE DOLLARS. Again, this town is awesome-sauce. Houston's already getting Girls Rock Camp this summer, but what of the boys? Those poor boys. They can participate in Camp Jam Houston, which is already hosting an online battle of rock solos. Kids between the ages of 7-17 can upload their best rock solo videos to YouTube during the month of April, get video feedback from Rock Stars and vie for $15K in Prizes including a one-on-one jam session with an unnamed "rock legend" in the winner's hometown. The actual day camp will take place in June. Rocks Off correspondent Adam Newton reports on the second installment of the most excellent Lost In Space Festival, coming April 30 on the rooftop of Khon's. Houston bands from the fringes of certain genres will represent, including Passengers and Golden Cities. Fat Tony has a really cool Tumblr blog where he's been writing about his favorite songs and discussing musical memories. He's one of MCM's favorite Houston music bloggers. Also, Tony has a daily video blog, for what it's worth. Also, here's Fat Tony live at KTRU Outdoor Show last weekend. Julian Casablancas played House of Blues Monday night, but apparently before that he was hanging out at Les Givral's. And the girls from Warpaint were spotted sipping cocktails at Anvil Sunday night. Conclusion: MCM needs to dine out more often. Here's a video of DJ to the Stars Steve Aoki performing at Rich's. He talks about the good times he's had in Houston. Friday night KTRU will release the second volume CD of live performances on the radio station's Local Show. And if you tune into KTRU Monday around noon-ish you can hear Patti Smith, who'll be in town for a reading and performance at UH that night. The Burden have a new song up on their Bandcamp site. It's a cut from their soon-to-be-released LP Feral Children, recorded at Origin Sound. Hollywood Floss' song "She's A Dime" got reviewed by The Smoking Section. You can download some of his recent stuff on Indie Houston. Houston-area band Adelaine was featured on Coldplay's website, which allows fans to submit their own music for the British band to potentially highlight. Remember when Aftermath saw legendary Texas psych band Green Fuz at SXSW and they suuuuucked? Well, here they are in better days. Attention local musicians, music bloggers and music organizations: have something that should be included in Magnolia City Mixtape? Leave a comment below or email brittanieshey (at) gmail (dot) com.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.