Magnolia City Mixtape: Mucho SXSW News, Numbers In Katy, Sasha Fierce Is Dead, Etc.

ZOMG Psychedelic summer camp!

Texas Psychedelic Rock

invites you to the

2010 Memorial Day Cosmic Campout

, featuring

George Kinney

of Austin '60s psych band

Golden Dawn

. Tickets start at $50 a person, but oddly enough, the event is in Arizona, not Texas. Still looks fun. As The Smiths would say,

we started something

with our music writers' meet-up story. Members of

Hands Up Houston

respond in




. Bands and music-lovers alike are gearing up for


. Here's a very brief list of some musicians who will be

Twittering from the festival



reviews the official

SXSW iPhone app

for the terminally over-scheduled, including MCM.

Houston Calling

has a pre-South-By

Wild Moccasinsprofile

. They also

take a look


Two Star Symphony

, who are making their SXSW debut.

Wayside Drive's

second album, recorded at

Sugarhill Studios

, is available starting today as a

free digital download

. A new song will be available each Tuesday until all 12 songs are released. This weekend is

The Orange Show'sseason opener

. It's free with a donation of non-perishable food. Speaking of psych-rock,

The Mal Thursday Show

has a new

Texas Tyme Machine

podcast up.

Austin Collins & The Rainbirds

will celebrate the release of their new album Saturday at

West Alabama Ice House

with a breast cancer benefit concert. MCM likes the hand-claps in this song. We've heard a lot about Weird Party, mostly due to their own posts on HUH, but have yet to hear them.

Joe Mathlete

previews the band in advance of their

show this weekend

, opening for

Roky Moon & Bolt

before the latter goes on tour. Tomorrow night

The Monocles

play a reunion/CD release show at

The Backroom


Robert Ellis


Will Van Horn

paired up

for a little ditty

featuring Will on the banjo. Marc Brubaker of the

Prairie Cadets

is working on a project of songs based on WWII-era letters between his grandparents. He's also been posting

quick-and-dirty demos

on his blog.

The Norwegians are coming!


Nameless Sound

, along with the Norwegian consulate in Houston, presents

two acts

form the Scandinavian country, Frode Haltli/Trygve Seim and Maja Ratkje. Haltli/Seim are an accordion/sax duo, and Ratkje is an electronic experimental musician. If you have any sense at all, the above video of Ratkje performing in Paris will freak you out. If you don't have a

Free Press Summerfest

ticket yet, you might be able to get a free

Dead Weather


with your purchase

, while supplies last. Check out


, a new Houston hip hop artist who plans to

release a CD

this year. Jazz fans:


wants to know

who you'd like to see play

at the Montrose staple. Classic


heads to the 'burbs. Longtime '80s DJ

Wes Wallace

, who's a Friday night regular at Numbers, has a new gig spinning records at Coaches Sports Bar and Grill in Katy. Coaches' Katy location boasts a "600 square feet dance floor," the better to do the Electric Boogaloo on.

Finally, Sasha. Fierce. Is. Dead. That didn't take long.


has decided to

kill off her alter-ego,

which she said she developed as a way to get over her stage shyness. Uh huh.

Attention local musicians, music bloggers and music organizations: have something that should be included in Magnolia City Mixtape? Leave a comment below or email brittanieshey (at) gmail (dot) com.

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