Mail Call: Post-AC/DC Edition

AC/DC may be gone (sniff), although the ringing in several of Rocks Off's friends' ears (and his own) lingers on, but the mail goes on...

Waylon Jennings & the .357s (Littlefield/Nashville, R.I.P.), Waylon Forever (by request): "'I'd been playing my dad the music I was inspired by at the time,' [son] Shooter explains. 'Whether it was Nine Inch Nails, Skinny Puppy, Pink Floyd or Cream, he really enjoyed being part of my musical journey. It was then he suggested we do an album together." C-R

Chow Chow Music (New York), Doomsday Scenarios: "Largely instrumental, the music is upbeat in contrast to the album title, but recorded with the knowledge that the world is gonna end. Soon." D-Exp-I-P-Psy

Zack Nichols (Los Angeles), Bright Eyes EP: "Combines Nichols' influences of folk, pop, rock, blues, jazz and soul, as he continues to hone his own craft as a songwriter and a performer." P-R

*The Zydepunks (New Orleans), Finisterre: "The Zydepunks dare you to sit still." F-R-W (Fitzgerald's, January 30)

Buddy and Julie Miller (Nashville), Written in Chalk: "The musical synergy this couple has with each other is clear on the record and is rounded out with a thoughtful country-soul vibe, emotional lyrics, oustanding musicianship and of course, Buddy's extraordinary guitar playing." BG-C-F-G

Fall Out Boy (Chicago), Folie a Deux: No press included, but come on, who doesn't know who FOB is at this point? P-Pu-R

Savage (New Zealand), Savage Island: "Savage is a founding member of one of New Zealand's most respected hip-hop crews, the Deceptikonz." Rap - Chris Gray

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.