Lost Tuneage

Make This a Metalcore Weekend

If you're looking for something to do in Houston this weekend, why not step into a time machine? What's  that, you say? Time machines don't exist? Lies. Two, in fact, have pulled up to Houston's beloved music venues Scout Bar and Walters, and are operating exclusively tonight and Sunday night.

At Scout Bar tonight, you'll be able to party like it's 2006 again with a stacked lineup headlined by metalcore greats Bury Your Dead. Bust out your studded belts and skinny jeans and start practicing your slam-dancing for this one.

Fortunately for us all, that sound is making a steady resurgence. A decade on, bands like Bury Your Dead have an audience again, and the reunited band promises to make you mosh tonight as if they'd never left.

Sunday night at Walters, Unearth leads the pack with their own brand of old-school metalcore. Unlike Bury Your Dead, Unearth has continued to plug away throughout the years. Though they've still headlined shows in the intervening years, their popularity is surging once again thanks to the fact that their sound has cycled back into the collective enjoyment of teenagers and aging hardcore kids alike.

If that's not enough, Cleveland hardcore legends Ringworm are second-billed after Unearth. Though Ringworm never managed to hit the mainstream like Unearth did, they've quietly put together one of the greatest hardcore résumés in the game. Led by front man Human Furnace, these guys have crushed it for a long, long time, and are still at the top of their abilities. Their 2014 release, Hammer of the Witch, is among their best, and they still bust out tracks from their very first demos at live shows for all the old heads.

I may have been facetious about the time machine, but these bills could have easily sold out venues when I was just a little hellraising punk kid. It's gratifying that they've found their way back into the public consciousness, and are killing it now more than ever. For those who grew up on this music, and those just discovering it thanks to the waves of current imitators, this is a metalcore weekend you don't want to miss.
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Corey Deiterman