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Manichean Still Batting 1.000 With New LP Sakura

Rocks Off has been an apostle of The Manichean ever since we grabbed singer Cory Sinclair by the shoulders and demanded he explain to us what the hell a Manichean was. Since then, we have dutifully reviewed every single release he and partner Justice Tirapelli-Jamail have thrown at us, and every single one of them has been an exploration of deep mystery and pure pleasure.

Their music, our locals who have been avoiding them for some odd reason, melds the atmospheric esoteriscims of Tear Garden of the Legendary Pink Dots with the pop poetry of Radiohead. The result is a journey as much as a listening experience, and requires a good deal of contemplation to enjoy to the fullest.

The new album, Sakura, is available for free at the Manichean's BandCamp site, as are all their releases. The short opus serves as a prologue to the band's ultimate creation, the multiple-album epic "Whispers Saga."

"It was initially going to be a two to three song 'single' but as with most things Justice and I work on it expanded somewhat dramatically," said Sinclair.

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