Marcus Manchild + Delo + Doughbeezy + Propain + Michael Artis = A Headache For Everyone Else Competing

Here's how you be successful in three simple steps:

1. Take four of the city's very best young rappers, ace sirs that have been recognized by brands like MTV and XXL, and put them on a song together. You won't need to worry about energy or creativity because the competitive nature that has to be present for you to be considered among the "very best" of anything will ensure that both are available in spades.

2. Pair them up with one of the city's very best director, a guy whose resume boasts nationally recognized artists and a proven MTV pedigree.

3. Move the fuck out of the way.

What you end up with is that video up there, a raucous, inspired five minutes of music and eye appeal that leapfrogs just about every other video that's been made in Houston this year. The song is unassailable (the rappers all take turns trying to pull the legs off of the beat), the video positively root-for-able.

There are 100 different things to talk about --Doughbeezy's ultralikeability (the Styrofoam cup thing is such a nice touch); Propain's undeniable talent for dropping goddamn FURYHAMMERS on everyone's chest; Manchild's deftness of cadence; Delo's salt-of-the-Earth grittiness; or maybe most fun: Which order do you rank their verses?-- but only one seems truly important:

This video rocks all the tits.

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