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Marfreless Says It Will Reopen Later This Summer In Same Spot

After closing at the end of March, Marfreless, the notorious River Oaks bar known equally for its ritzy interior and the countless clandestine assignations that happened there, has announced that it will be back later this summer under new ownership, but in the same spot.

"We are thrilled to announce our reopening this summer at our same 2006 Peden location in River Oaks," read a statement posted on Marfreless' Web site earlier today. "Although we will be under new ownership, we promise the same unique atmosphere, premium menu, friendly staff, and neighborhood charm.

"All this comes with a complete renovation -- from wires and carpet to the furniture you... sit on," it added, tongue squarely in cheek. "You can expect an updated feel with the same Marfreless experience you've come to love. And don't worry, our upstairs seating and iconic blue door will remain."


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When Marfreless announced its impending closure earlier this year, it touched off more tributes and soul-searching about "classic Houston" than probably any other bar in the city could have. It certainly had quite a past.

"I saw people having sex upstairs and got the courage to do it myself," one customer told our April Brem Patrick that supposed final night.

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