Margaret Cho Sings: "I'm Sorry I Shot You In The Face"

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Rocks Off is a pretty big Maragaret Cho fan. She's loud, she's funny and she's pretty goddamn cool. Lately, she's been dabbling in singing as well as comedy. We first got to hear her belt out a tune when she was down in Houston trying out material for her "Beautiful" tour. The song that time was "Eat Me Out," and there was not a euphemism to be found within its lyrics.

Now Cho, who brings her "Cho Dependent" tour to House of Blues September 10, released a new track, complete with music video. The song it's an amusing country ditty in the vein of Loretta Lynn called "I'm Sorry." In it, she laments shooting her boyfriend in the face, which we feel is very big of her.

Best of all, the video is directed by her good friend Liam Sullivan, the mastermind behind the Kelly videos. Cho appeared in Sullivan as Kelly's video for "Let Me Borrow that Top" along with the Ask a Ninja Ninja. Though Rocks Off prefers Cho's comedy to her music, we certainly can't complain about this video.

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