Marvin Gay, Sr., and the 10 Worst Rock-Star Parents of All Time

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Few rock-star dads have ever approached the crazed dickheadishness of Murry Wilson, the father of Beach Boys Brian, Dennis and Carl Wilson. A songwriter himself, Murry was a tyrannical parent, belittling his sons at every opportunity and often physically abusing them, as well. Legend has it that Brian Wilson was left deaf in one ear after his father cracked him over the head with a 2x4. DAMN.

The controlling Murry's way extended to managing the Boys' early career, and his crowning achievement was scoring them a deal with Capitol Records. The fucker lorded that over his sons for the rest of his life, even as they wrote and recorded some of the most indelible pop songs of all time. When Brian finally worked up the necessary rage to fire his controlling father, the inevitable guilt contributed mightily to his mental health issues.


If Murry Wilson had a kindred spirit in the world, it had to have been Joe Jackson. A frustrated musician working in an Indiana steel mill, Joe capitalized on the musical talents of his five sons by ruthlessly drilling them on songs and routines, often standing by with a belt at the ready should one of them make a mistake.

When belts and switches didn't get his point across, Joe would trip or push the legendary Jackson 5 members into walls, never letting them forget his dominance. As if that weren't enough, Joe allegedly liked to crawl through Michael's bedroom window wearing a fright mask in order to teach his son to shut it while he slept. The King of Pop took revenge for his nightmarish childhood by cutting his father out of his will completely before his death.


Meat Loaf's father damn near tied Marvin Gay, Sr., for the crown of worst rock star parent, but luckily, he couldn't seal the deal. Orvis Aday was an abusive alcoholic, and as a chile, Meat Loaf and his mother often had to drive around to different bars in Dallas to drag him home. The nicest thing Orvis apparently ever did for his famous son was give him the demeaning nickname "Meat," which evolved into Meat Loaf at some point during his teen years.

Orvis' drinking got even worse after the death of Meat Loaf's mother from cancer. In a drunken rage, Aday attacked his son with a knife with the intent to murder him, but Meat Loaf was able to fight his father off and take off for good. Like a bat out of hell, you might even say.

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