The first part of Athens, Georgia instrumental quartet Maserati's career drew heavily on the echo-filled post-rock developed by Mogwai and Godspeed You! Black Emperor, yielding long, midtempo, echo-filled works that could be momentarily arresting, but ultimately failed to go much of anywhere. They shared these traits with Explosions in the Sky, among others, but unlike their Texan counterparts, Maserati languished despite rigorous touring and became one of the many artists left hanging after the 2004 implosion of Kindercore Records. Since then, however, things have improved; they've used the five years since previous full-length The Language of Cities to retool their sound into propulsive, futuristic and bracingly original rock. Adding drummer Gerard Fuchs of !!! and the Turing Machine has a lot to do with this; his other work seems to have rubbed off on the band, helping transform their music from above-average post-rock into something that sounds more like the sound track to a space opera or cyberpunk thriller. Their still-strong touring ethic further boosts their prospects — this is the band's second Houston show in four months — as does the support of Brooklyn label Temporary Residence Ltd., also home of guess who? Explosions in the Sky.

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Daniel Mee