Match These Bands With Their Awful Original Names

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Provided they didn't take the easy way out and name themselves after a song (Rolling Stones), their hometown (Boston) or each other (Hall & Oates), almost every band that went on to sell millions of records, get tons of radio play and sell out arenas has had some form of the following conversation:

Band Member 1: Man, no one will come see us play/book us/buy our records if we keep calling ourselves [insert lame band name here].

Band Member 2: [hits joint] Yeah, man... but what should we call ourselves?

Band Member 3: [the "quiet one"] How about...

And eureka, another star is born.

The other day, thanks to our trusty Rhino Records 2011 calendar, Rocks Off noticed that the anniversary of a Very Famous Band forming under a Much Different Name was coming up. We got to thinking, and a few mouse-clicks later, here are 25 famous bands and their not-so-famous original names, although a few are semi-famous enough that you may recognize them.

By the way, we say "original" - these are all names that at least some of the groups' core members took on before the better-known moniker, but not always the very, very first. One is a certain singer-songwriter's group before he (wisely) decided to strike out on his own. And sometimes the change to the more famous name was due to a key addition or subtraction of personnel, but just as often it wasn't.

But anyways. How many can you guess?

1. Chicago

2. U2

3. Radiohead

4. Oasis

5. Billy Joel

6. The Kinks

7. Grateful Dead

8. Paul Revere & the Raiders

9. Van Halen

10. The Beach Boys

11. INXS

12. KISS

13. Drive-By Truckers

14. Coldplay

15. Earth, Wind & Fire

16. The Temptations

17. Psychedelic Furs

18. Depeche Mode

19. Pearl Jam

20. Joy Division

21. Lynyrd Skynyrd

22. Poison

23. Huey Lewis & the News

24. Cameo

25. Black Sabbath

OK, that was the easy part. Who did they used to be?

A. The Pendletones

B. Adam's House Cat

C. Composition of Sound

D. The Rain

E. The Noble Five

F. Starfish

G. The Big Thing

H. Farriss Brothers

I. The Downbeats

J. The New York City Players

K. The Warlocks

L. The Elgins

M. On a Friday

N. The American Express

O. The Europeans

P. Attila

Q. Mookie Blaylock

R. The Ravens

S. Earth

T. The Hype

U. Salty Peppers

V. Warsaw

W. Mammoth

X. Paris

Y. Wicked Lester

Feel free to guess as many as you can in the comments. We'll reveal the answers (and why they chose some of those names) tomorrow. And if anyone actually gets all of them right, Rocks Off will dip into our special Prize Hat, probably tickets for something cool.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.