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Matches & BiG Al Explore The Plight Of The Party Girl

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If you listen to any of the local stations, you've likely heard "Party Girls," currently the party rock-rap track in Houston.

Ostensibly, the plot of the song is quite simple: The two lead guys, rappers Matches and BiG Al, like to party. And they'd like the company of a few females who like to party too. (It's assumed the relationship between said rappers and said Party Girls will end in sex.) Add a thumping bass line, some hand claps and a generous amount of autotune, and you've got yourself a certifiable club banger.

However, upon thorough inspection, the apparently vacuous Party Girl is revealed to be an incredibly nuanced, developed character possessed of an almost Shakespearean internal melodrama. So we reached out to Matches and BiG Al and had them answer questions all about the unenviable plight of the Party Girl.

Rocks Off: We've heard the "Party Girls" anthem numerous times. We are thoroughly interested in unraveling the "Party Girls" abstract. Let's set to work on that. Your hypothesis appears to be that party girls like to dance, dance, dance, and they take them shots, shots, shots. Is this a mutually exclusive qualifier? Can a girl enjoy those things and be a, say, Library Girl?

Matches and BiG Al, "Party Girls (Dirty)"

Matches and BiG Al, "Party Girls (Dirty)"

Matches and BiG Al: Every girl, no matter who she is, has a "Party Girl" in her. Even the Library girl likes to let loose and dance and take shots, until the librarian asks her to be quiet.

RO: What about if a girl only wants to dance, dance and take them shots, shots instead of dance, dance, dance and take them shots, shots, shots? Would she be a 66.6 percent Party Girl? Can we expect a follow-up single aimed at celebrating this cohort as well? Would it be 66.6 percent as catchy as the original?

MBA: Ha! The truth is, when we were recording, the track started skipping and we didn't know it repeated. We didn't plan to use the chopped words, but the stutter effect is hot so we kept it. To answer your other question, I think a girl who is a 66.6% party girl is probably even better, because she'll be coherent at the IHOP when you go for breakfast.

RO [laughs]: There's a line in the

radio version

radio version

that, referring to the possibility of entering into a relationship with a Party Girl, warns "they just wanna touch, they don't want to be in love." First, how did this come to be? Is a Party Girl's heart simply shriveled and warped by house music and heartbreak at the hands of spikey-haired DJs? Or is it that they, in fact, are incapable of love, that this is some sort of antecedent condition? Either way, the Party Girl epistemology seems quite miserable in its essence.

MBA: We're just saying they wanna have fun and aren't looking to be in a relationship. And even if they are in a relationship, everyone needs to get out and party every once and a while. We're not saying cheat though. For example, we're focusing a lot on ourselves and our work right now, and that doesn't always leave room for serious romance. So instead, we want to keep things light. And we believe girls should do the same.

RO: Second, the line prior to entering the second verse, again referencing the Party Girl's emotional libido, informs us, "She's a sucker for love, no intention for love..." How unenviable the plight of the Party Girl is. She is in need of love, but incapable of committing to it. Is that cognitive dissonance the inspiration behind her apparent drinking, drinking, drinking problem? Or, perhaps less painful for the Party Girl, is it simply a manifestation of it?

MBA: Is this one of those chicken-or-the-egg questions? [laughs] You may have to ask a party girl about that.

RO: Furthermore, is the Party Girl a self-aware being? Because that would make her love conundrum so much more heartbreaking.

MaBA: She may be self-aware, but it's really not an issue when she's partying. That may be why she's partying, because for that moment she doesn't care; she's having fun.

Look out for the Matches & BiG AL EP, coming soon. Check them out on Twitter for the latest updates at @matches_bigal.

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