Maybe Fox 26 Should Apologize for Being Clueless

It took a little longer than Rocks Off expected, but it appears "prison city playaz" Huntzville's hammer-cocking song "Backpack Fulla Gunz" is finally ruffling some feathers. The protégés of Geto Boy Willie D appeared on Fox 26's morning news program Friday to perform the (anti-)school-shooting track on the "Fox Rox" segment. By 6:30 p.m. that evening, there was a message on the station's Web site saying, "Fox 26 apologizes to those viewers who were offended by the musical group Huntzville's performance during Friday's morning show."

Rocks Off doesn't know where to begin, mainly because he hasn't stopped laughing long enough to think about it. What, exactly, did Fox 26 think was going to happen booking a band whose sole recorded output (until LP Disturbing the Ordinary) is "Gunz" - during a time of day parents are getting their kids ready for school? Did anyone at the station even bother to listen in advance?

To Huntzville's credit, the group's publicist took special pains to point out the trio performed the "profanity-free" version of "Backpack." (Refresh your memory above.) Well, that's a relief. Willie D was similarly uninterested in making nice: "We have nothing to apologize for."

Guess they can probably forget about that Great Day Houston booking now... 

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