McCartney In Houston Update: 99 Percenters, Rail It Don't Park It

I just came back from snooping around the Minute Maid Park grounds to see what was shaking at the ballpark before tonight's Paul McCartney gig. I even got to sneak in a trip to the Astros team store. All the Altuve jerseys you can handle!

There were already a few diehards milling around with signs and smiles. The will call booth was doing brisk business from some guys in suits, and a lot of cones are set out on the side streets too. No sign of Paul. Maybe he's lunching somewhere around town.

Anyhow, some of the private parking lots just steps away from the entrances are looking to charge $60 for a spot. I guess if you have already spent a few hundred bucks on tickets and merch, what is another $60 for comfortable parking?

Rocks Off suggests parking somewhere off the Metro Rail line and riding in a few blocks to the stadium. You all know how gridlocked the area around MMP will be shortly, and after the show.

There is parking around Warehouse Live a few blocks east as well.

The roof was open, and I could see the stage and some of the sets. According to a MMP employee, I just missed a short-short sound check. The real one should be happening three hours before showtime, which is set for 8 p.m.

The team store will be open around showtime in case you need to buy a new Astros hoodie. See what they did there? With the cold and the wind and the....yeah.

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