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MCM: More Local Music News Than Ice On The Roads

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We have a veritable truckload of tunes new this week. It'd be rude of us not to share with the class, so here goes:

  • Hollywood FLOSS has an uplifting new jam featuring Dannie Walker, "When The World's Against You".
  • Squincy Jones' latest Screwed Tuesday endeavor takes on Soulja Boy's "Pow."
  • Roky Moon & BOLT posted "Growin' Up Fast" and "Five Dollar Fame" on their Facebook page this week, in case anyone hasn't heard them.
  • Local prog-metal wunderkinds Scale The Summit have unveiled a track from their upcoming album, Collective, "Whales." Hear it at the Metal Sucks blog.
  • The 71s are giving away three songs via NoiseTrade - all they ask is that you tell your friends.
  • The Literary Greats also let a track from their upcoming album slip - check out "Ol' Daddy Bill" off their third full-length, Black Blizzard. Expect the album to be available within the next month.
  • Cuddy Mane dropped a new track, "H-O-E."
  • The Shallows released three new tracks on Bandcamp: "Thick Skin," "Paper" and "Fly One Way."

Western Standards got a really nice writeup over at the OMG Vinyl blog. Word from WS is that the new vinyl Space Is a Place will be in within two weeks, and that pre-orders are going fast.

We'll leave everyone with some movies to watch, so curl up with that hot cocoa and enjoy the following shorts:

  • Ozeal wants to give everyone a sneak peek into some rehearsal time for his upcoming EP.
  • Andrew Karnavas (above) shows up in a new music video for his track "Film Noir."
  • The Wild Moccasins' Andrew Lee has been filming a lot at shows lately - here's an attempt to capture the frenetic Muhammadali playing their song "Drugs."
  • Thanks to Fat Tony's Tumblr, where he provides video after video of music education, we came across this old video of DJ Screw mixing it up on the turntables.
  • And finally, we've discussed the soundtrack for the upcoming indie horror flick Honky Tonk Blood, but a trailer is now available online too. Expect to recognize several places and faces.

Whoops, it looks like you spilled a little popcorn on the floor. Remember, Rocks Off wants all our readers to be safe, so be careful if you do head out during the frosty weather.

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