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MCM: More Local Music News Than Parties In Cairo

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Meanwhile, Rob Jay (above) has let a few new tracks slip on his blog - "Starring Role," "Generational Curse" and "Stick To Your Dreams" - which has led to some press. We also stumbled across this post featuring "Do You Believe In The Rap Phenomenon" - a track for which Rob just shot a video.

Far be it from MCM to only list the shows for the weekend - so we'll leave you with some upcoming weeknight shows to hold everyone over until we return:

  • Free Press Houston wants to be your Valentine. So head on over to Fitz on Monday night for the Summer Fest lineup announcement party, and find out just who will knock off Houston's socks this summer.
  • If there's 50 bucks burning a hole in your pocket, we suppose you could go see Linkin Park on Tuesday.
  • Crazy punk-rock rabbits Nobunny return to Rudyard's on Wednesday, with The Wiggins and All At Sea opening.
  • This one's not until Thursday - but seeing as Tapes N' Tapes is pretty awesome, and MCM won't run again until Friday, save the 17th for a trip to Fitz.
  • Also on Thursday, The Cutters launch their tour at The Mink. Something Fierce, The Mahas, and Full Rainbows are all on the bill.
  • The Wheel Workers will be releasing their album Unite at Walter's next Friday, with Featherface and The Orbans rounding out the bill. Ten bucks gains you entry and a copy of the album.

We'll return next Friday with a whole new local music roundup just for you. Remember, send your news to marc [dot] brubaker [at] gmail [dot] com to ensure that it gets seen.

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