Mechanical Boy: What They Taught Us About Sex

Every day Rocks Off trolls the tubes of you in search of videos to share. If you have something that you think deserves to be video of the day, send a link to jef_rouner at yahoo dot com.

Day three of Houston Week here at the daily video. Hump day, we hear it's called by those of you out in the working world doing real jobs instead of looking at YouTube all day.

Humping is a big part of the video Mechanical Boy shot with Lunarcy Pictures for their song "Swing Low and Carry Me Home," and rather than a critique or an attaboy for the Houston natives' work, we thought we'd just list some of the things we learned from this truly edu-taining piece of film.

1. Apparently the best videos in Houston are made by hairy musicians. Consistently, they shoot the highest quality.

2. Your inflatable girlfriend understands you.

3. If it has a moustache, it almost certainly has a penis. Use caution.

4. Flashers get two hot chicks a once, provided they carry a guitar case. Guitar optional.

5. Selling discount Bibles is a good way to receive a kick in your belt buckle.

6. It is the duty of lead singers everywhere to wander hallways soulful and tortured while the other members of the band engage in kinky hijinks.

7. Mechanical Boy stomps more ass than the original flesh model.

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