Medicine Girl Is the "Night Nurse" Is the Medicine Girl

I don't know if this is unacceptable, but I'm fairly certain it's not acceptable:

At any given point in time, there are no less than eight very talented female rappers in town. There's UZOY and there's Tawn and there's Candi. There's TroubleSum and there's Surreall (and her Gutta Mamis associates). And there's Amber and there's Brittany and there's Medicine Girl.

There are probably more; in fact, I'm quite convinced there are more. But those eight there are enough to prove the point: Houston has a thriving hip-hop scene -- this we all know -- but a significant portion of that thrive belongs to women.

Yet somehow they largely remain ignored, their music absorbed and appreciated around these parts, but rarely (or at the very least, not often enough) championed and disseminated.

Enough of that.

That video up there, that belongs to Medicine Girl. As luck would have it, she is one of the few who has been profiled, done so here in 2010. It arrived in my inbox recently. I opened it, listened to it, enjoyed it, then went on about the day, listening to a fair number of other rap songs that eventually rendered themselves discardable.

The hook on "Night Nurse" is catchy, obvs, so it stayed in my brain. For a period of time in a recent early evening, it was all that my brain wanted to consider. I probably played it back to back again and again five or so times. I don't know why I did so (I suspect the reason isn't any more complex than "because I liked it"), I only know that's true.

So listen to it. Gobble it up. Tell your friends about it. Or don't. Either way, you should read the tiny interview below.

It's with Medicine Girl, from a question template we sent to several very talented female rappers. We'll be highlighting them, one at a time, in the next few days. Their answers will be preceded by a write-up about each. Read on.

Name: Carolyn Rodriguez a.k.a. Medicine Girl

I am from...: Fayetteville, N.C.

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If I were asked to categorize my music as a certain type of rap, I'd say it was: (ex: trap rap, dance rap, conscious rap, etc -- if you pick the deplorable "conscious rap" designation, go ahead and consider yourself nixed from this list, thanks): Real-life rap.

My best song is...: Still unwritten.

I knew I wanted to be a rapper when...: I never wanted to be a rapper, it just happened that way

True or False: Given your talent, you'd be more heralded if you had a penis rather than a vagina. True.

The most backhanded compliment about being a female rapper I've ever received was...: That I'm the best EVER. [laughs] So not true.

On a scale of 1-10, how much do you hate the term "femcee"? I don't hate it or love it; no emotions whatsoever towards that word.

There are a few advantages to being a female rapper, the best of which is...: I can look cute and still rap (at the same damn time).

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