Following his ouster from Metallica in 1983, Dave Mustaine wasted no time in branching off and forming Megadeth. Most commonly lumped in with the monolithic "Big Four of Thrash" with Anthrax, Slayer and the band that kicked him out, 'Deth has now held its own for 27 years, with an epic mid-'80s-to-mid-'90s run with albums like Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?, Rust in Peace and Countdown to Extinction. Megadeth disbanded briefly in 2002 after Mustaine sustained an injury to nerves in his arm, but he came roaring back two years later after extensive physical therapy. Now touring the world to celebrate the anniversary of the popular Rust and reinstatement of former bassist David Ellefson into the fold, Megadeth is touring behind Endgame, an album inspired by the work of Austin talk radio host Alex Jones — for whom Mustaine is a very vocal proponent.
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