Megadeth Singer Goes From Thrashing Guitars to Threshing Wheat

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In this unprecedented and pretty bizarre period of U.S. Presidential politics, pundits still pull out the hoary old line that goes “which candidate would you prefer to have a beer with?” Well, if Megadeth founder/front man Dave Mustaine had the opportunity to share a brew with both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, here’s how it would go down.

“First, I would let them know that I was honored to be having a beer with them. And then I would say, ‘Look, you motherfuckers need to be nice to each other!’” Mustaine laughs uproariously. “But all in all, I’d rather have a beer with Jimmy Page.”

There’s little doubt about which beverage would grace any political metal/mental summit. It would be Mustaine’s own new Megadeth-anointed beer, A Tout Le Monde. He, along with brewmaster Jerry Veitz of Canadian brewers Unibroue, was about to introduce the drink to the world just a few hours after speaking to the Houston Press at a combination launch party and belated 55th birthday shindig for Mustaine at Orlando, Florida’s World of Beer venue.

Mustaine and Megadeth are not the first hard-rock/metal band to enter the craft-beer market, as AC/DC, KISS, Mastodon, Motörhead and the Sword are already there. And Iron Maiden’s The Trooper has been a huge success recently in terms of sales and popularity.

A Tout Le Monde – according to its press release, written in Beer Nerdese – is a “flavorful Belgian styledry hopped golden saison with hoppy and spicy notes, topped by an unctuous head with a clean dry taste and a crisp dry finish.” The name comes from one of Megadeth’s best-known tunes, off 1994’s Youthanasia album, and whose title translates into English as “To all the world.”

“It’s one of out most popular songs ever," Mustaine offers. "It’s a live staple like ‘Symphony of Destruction,’ ‘Peace Sells,’ and ‘Holy Wars.’ We have almost 200 songs, and ‘A Tout Le Monde’ is definitely in the Top 10 for fans." The singer adds that the song is also in the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, largely because the lyrics for the main chorus are in French. And it also appealed to Unibroue, based in the French-Canadian city of Quebec. (One wonders if monikers like Hangar 18 Ale, Rust in Wheat, or Countdown to Fermentation were ever considered.)

Mustaine has given his imprint to a Megadeth wine before, but calls himself much more of a beer drinker. After looking at some different brewers, he visited Vietz at Unibroue’s plant prior to a Canadian festival appearance a few years back.  The singer/guitarist says that the two got along so famously – and the beer samples were flowing – that he not only missed sound check for the gig, but had to be dragged away by management to play the show for the more than 80,000 people who had gathered to hear him.

As for the beers of his musical contemporaries, Mustaine says he’s tried The Trooper and found it to be “pretty steady and good-tasting.” But upon further investigation — and here he stresses that he's not just slapping his band's name on a product — he has discovered that not all band brands are created equal.

“Since I started learning about the process, I have heard from a lot of people about what they think about the others," Mustaine says. "And if they said the things to me about my beer that they’ve said about the those, I’d be heartbroken. So many of them are made very quickly and you can tell by the fermentation process. They don't use quality ingredients. We only use our yeast one time, so it will never have the [residual] flavor of the previous batch.”

A Tout Le Monde will be snaking its way across the U.S. after the launch party, likely ending up in some of Houston’s many craft-beer outlets. And Mustaine himself will have plenty of time to, um, quality-control-check his product now that Megadeth's worldwide Dystopia tour has just ended.

When reminded that during the tour’s Houston stop this past February he halted the show and left the stage while an errant spotlight operator was replaced, he chuckled, “Oh yeah…what an idiot!”

For more on A Tout Le Monde, visit www.megadethbeer.com.

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