Memo to Huffington Post: Please Stop Ripping Us Off, Douchebags

[UPDATE UPDATE: Our original article has now been attributed and linked on both Huffington Post and headbutler.com.] As anyone with a television knows, the new Jeff Bridges movie Crazy Heart is all the rage. In fact, it is such a rage that even the pseudo-hipsters at Huffington Post are aware of it. A few days back, Los Angeles songwriter Bob Woodruff sent Lonesome Onry and Mean a link to an article Jesse Kornbluth wrote for Huffington Post comparing Woodruff to Bridges' character in the movie, Bad Blake, a former country-music great fallen on hard times and mean demons. Ironically, we had blogged about Woodruff some time back, tracking him down in Los Angeles and coming away with an intense, almost tragic story about Woodruff, his career, and his demons. Now we're glad for a talent like Woodruff to receive a major shot of exposure in a publication as widely read as Huffington Post. What we are not so ecstatic about is the fact that Kornbluth plagiarized our article. Big time. After making his argument that Woodruff is a real life Bad Blake and detailing the trials and tribulations of Woodruff's music career, Kornbluth coyly says, "well, let him tell it." He then quotes approximately 300 words from our interview with Woodruff verbatim, not once mentioning Houston Press. So Jesse, I don't know where you got your journalistic credentials, but here's a big journalist middle finger to you, Douchebag.

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