Memorial Day Rockers, Part 2: The Navy

The U.S. Navy has an equally strange list of famous musician alumni as any other branch: Two musical laughingstocks and a titan of mournful soul were former midshipmen.

Fred Durst:

The Limp Bizkit frontpiece, amateur porn star, and novice film director did a two-year bid in the Navy before coming back to his home state of Florida to stunt a generation of music fans' musical growth. Break stuff, indeed.

MC Hammer:

After failing to make it as pro baseball player, Stanley "MC Hammer" Burrell joined the Navy to figure things out. He excelled at his position, and was a favorite of his commanders. Tragically, during his enlistment he developed a taste for hip-hop and parachute pants.

Bill Withers:

The reclusive Withers actually spent nine years as a sailor, from 1956 to 1965 -  the longest time in uniform for any musician by far (that we know of). Withers hasn't released any new material since the mid-'80s, which is a damned shame for such a voice to go to waste.

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