Meridian Giving It Another Go As The Orchid Club

Look out, Houston. The Meridian is about to bloom into The Orchid Club. Another new management group is about to attempt to give the long-embattled venue a new lease on life.

As Space City Rock reported Friday, the venue (listed as Space City Hall) had a ska show over the weekend. Rumblings in the online community suggest that several events have happened at the location over the past month, and banners and signs outside declare the building now open for business.

Rocks Off spoke briefly with self-described "media master" Gary "Mad Dog" Fox on the phone today, and he glossed over the plans for the building, saying that the new management is looking to establish a Vegas-style dance club, akin to Roxy or Hush.

"We've got all these people in these condominiums, and we've got to figure out how to get them out of it," Fox declared.

That doesn't mean that the new management is abandoning concerts, however. "We've got a lot of metal fans," said Fox. The ska show at the club this past weekend seems to suggest that the new crew knows where its sweet spot may lie.

According to Fox, the new owner is a real private ex-Navy man named "Robert." Fox declined to provide a last name, saying, "I don't even know it, that's how private this guy is."

Rocks Off a bit skeptical of that, but a quick look on the Harris County Appraisal District Web site still lists SG Properties LLC as the property owners - a fact that hasn't changed since December 2002.

Fox said that some heavy-duty construction will occur over the next month. "They're taking care of all the permits, all the stuff, the elevators, everything," he explained, but neglected to mention who "they" are.

Despite the building's history, Fox is hopeful.

"For some reason, we've still got 3,200 [Facebook] friends, you know?"

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.