Merry Christmas From The Houston Music Scene: Free Music Downloads (UPDATED)

Welp, it's been a year to say the least. There has been so much great music, amazing shows, new discoveries, many sad and happy milestones, and Rocks Off tried to cover all of it these past 12 months.

Next year will be even more awesome, for so many reasons, which we will get into the next two weeks. Which local rapper is about to sign a big record deal? Which local rock act is set to set SXSW on fire in March? Where will we be seeing shows in 2012? Will 2012 end in a great ball of fire and madness as the Mayan calendar predicted? There is no way to know, but we're sure Rocks Off will be there to make a Top 10 list about.

"Top 10 Songs To Listen To As The World Falls Down Around You!"

We have partnered with some of yours and our favorite locals to give you some free music this weekend. Some donated whole albums, while others are giving you select songs. Most of the links go to these artist's Bandcamp or Soundcloud pages that allow you to hear even more music from them. If you are into that.

Oh, and sorry-slash-you-are-welcome for that Christmas art above. A happy Whoop Whoop to you and yours this holiday season.

The Tontons "Golden"

Come See My Dead Person "As The Worlds Burns"

thelastplaceyoulook "Take The Time"

Castle Lights "Wait For You"

Folk Family Revival "Chasing A Rabbit"

Shellee Coley "Where It Began"

Sideshow Tramps "Tramps and Freaks"

Glass The Sky "Holiday"

Black Queen Speaks "Campeador" LP

Khruangbin "Start, You, The End Starts Again"

Benjamin Wesley "Catch My Shadow"

Chase Hamblin "Beautiful Things"

The Handshake "The River"

Tyagaraja "The Meaning Of Life"

Lee Alexander (w/ Katie Stuckey) "Mockingbird"

Holy Fiction "More Than Ever"

Dave Wrangler "Afrojack x Foster the People - Pumped Up Kicks (Dave Wrangler Take Over Control Remix)"

Poor Pilate "Lions & Tigresses"

The Literary Greats "Houston Texas Mexico"

Matt Harlan "Too Much Going On"

Tax The Wolf "Eagle"

Deep Ella "You Lied"

Nosaprise "Piece of Cake"

Listen Listen "I Will Forget"

Screwtape "What's Goin On"

Roky Moon and BOLT "Monster"

Christian Staehely

Finnegan "Interpreting Clouds"

The Handsomes "Time To Let Go"

Two Star Symphony Featuring Fat Tony "Live At Canned Acoustica"

Deep Ella "You Lied"

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.