Metallica Likes Death... A LOT

This video (watch it after the jump) claims to collect every single time that Metallica has mentioned death or dying in the band's music, which tallies up to 81 instances. Somehow that seems awfully low to us, being almost life-long Metallica rats, and fans of, well, death. According to the video, Metallica has uttered the words death, dying, de-heath, deadly or dyyyyyiiing more than anything else.

Elsewhere on YouTube, you can also find how many times AC/DC has hailed rock and roll, "Slayer Likes Satan" and an overview of the killing ways of Megadeth and Dave Mustaine.

Personally what we really wanna see is a video that collects every time Bad Religion's Greg Graffin uses doctorate words that you have to Google and read a dissertation on to understand the song better. Anechoic nebula rotating in your brain indeed, Dr. Graffin.

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