Metalocalypse: Getting to Know Scarlet Sins

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[Note: this is the first entry in a partnership between Rocks Off and Houston-based metal Web site UNdergroWNd MiNdbloW. In the hot seat is all-female Toronto quartet Scarlet Sins. Enjoy.]

My name is Chris, and I have a long ongoing love affair with music. Especially heavy metal, death metal, speed metal, grindcore and metal in general. The first time I saw a live show and an unknown band hit the stage, I was a fan.

It was at the Cotton Bowl in the 1970s, and this "unknown" band came out. Their lead guitarist opened the show witha solo, which was unusual in itself. As an airplane flew overhead, someone jumped out and parasailed onto the stage.

The band was Van Halen, the song was "Eruption," and from that moment on I was a fan of the underground scene. I interview underground bands, local bands, and characters of metal, by asking "10 Questions" that they would normally never be asked.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks and months for Tool, Carcass, Bolt Thrower, All Shall Perish, Gen 1;12, Texas Hippie Coalition, Exodus, Three Inches of Blood, Metal Sanaz, Trina Mason, In Flames and many more. But for now, let's meet Scarlet Sins... 

Metalocalypse: How often do you practice?

Scarlet Sins (in unison): Almost everyday!

M: What was that moment for you when you saw an act and said, "That is what I have to do with my life, that's for me!"

Elie (drummer): I was four years old and went to see Uzeb with my dad. They are a rock/prog band. They were so loud and rocking I loved it. That day I knew I wanted to rock the drums for a living!

Tanya (bass): I remember seeing Stone Temple Pilots in Montreal many years ago and just wondering how much of a rush that must be to have complete control of a crowd like that, and for a whole stadium full of fans to be singing along with your songs. I sat there and wished to know that feeling someday. And still do!

M: Who was the band or performer that made you say "Metal is for me"?

Sylv (lead singer): When I was a kid I saw Skid Row, and I told everyone that I wanted to be Sebastian Bach. He could really bring it.

Cris (guitar): Metallica was the band that did it for me.

M: What CD is playing in your car right now?

Elie: Up in my Puma, Sacrament is blasting my ears. I'm in a Lamb of God mood these days.

Tanya: "The new Metallica LP, Death Magnetic. I love it, especially track 3, "Broken, Beat and Scarred", It totally pounds ass!

Cris: Yeah, the new Metallica kicks ass.

M: Do any of you sing in the shower?

Scarlet Sins (in unison, laughing): Hell no!!

M: What comes first, music or lyrics?

Cris: Music for me.

Elie: To me, most of the time, the music. But really, it doesn't work one without the other. It's kind of like Juliet without Romeo, you know?

Tanya: Music, or at least a melody. That melody is later transformed into an instrumental melody, or a vocal melody.

M: Leather or Cloth?

Sylv: Leather.

Cris: Leather.

Elie: Cloth."

Tanya: Leather! It looks Rockin'!

M: Did/do your parents support your music?

Elie: Oh yes. I was so lucky my whole life. I am really grateful for it.

Cris: My parents always told me I could do whatever I wanted in life, and they still do.

Tanya: Definitely. They are constantly asking me about the band and coming to shows. My mom blares our new CD at home while she makes dinner!

Sylv: Yes, my whole family definitely supports me.

M: What is a typical Sunday like for Scarlet Sins?

Scarlet Sins (in unison): Wake up at noon, chill with dogs, except for Elie, then rehearsal!

M: Where do you find influence?

Sylv: Basically living life, man, ya know? Heartbreak, grief, joy, hope...

Elie: Oh my God, anyone and anything! Any bands, artists in any style of music.

Cris: Life. The past. The future. Music like classical, rock, bluegrass, metal, rock, grunge...

Tanya: Many places, but mostly within the rock/metal genre. I like classic rock like Black Sabbath, the Doors and Led Zeppelin. I loved the '90s grunge scene with bands like Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and Nirvana. I also love stuff like A Perfect Circle, Marilyn Mason, Korn and Tool.

M: If we drug tested you, what would we find?

Scarlet Sins (unison): Is this an open-book test? Do we have to study? I'll be your study partner!

M: What is your favorite Curse Word?

Scarlet Sins (unison): "Fuck yeah!!" or, "Use your imagination!" - Chris Miles

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.