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Denison-based Texas Hippie Coalition, or THC to fans, lays claim to the title "Kings of Red Dirt Metal," and will more than likely rock you the eff out. These guys feel like Pantera meets Lynyrd Skynyrd, so horns most definitely up. (Plus, the drummer goes by "Cowboy.") Lead singer Big Daddy Rich recently spoke with Metalocalypse about the Man in Black, horror movies and whether or not the abbreviation of the band's name is a coincidence. See if you can guess.

Metalocalypse: When was the first time you saw a Band/performer and said to yourself. "I want to do that for a living"? Who was it, and why were you so impressed?

Big Daddy Rich: Johnny Cash. I was really impressed with his stage presence, the ability to control a crowd and keep them hanging on every word, whether it was lyrics in a song or his ranting and raving between songs.

M: What is a typical Sunday like for Texas Hippie Coalition?

BDR: Hopefully some football, always some smoking and not just on the grill. Texas Barbeque and an unfriendly game of Texas Hold 'em.

How do you feel about the metal music scene today, versus where it was say in the mid-'80s  and '90s?

BDR: I feel like the metal music scene is in a strange place because of the advances in technology, the Internet and such. Before, a band would be judged on whether they went gold or platinum, [but] with free downloads and pirating a band today may only sell 500,000 CDs, where in the '80s or '90s they might have [gone] double platinum.

M: Are the members of THC horror movie fans? And what are you most afraid of?

BDR: Yes, big horror movie fans. Especially blood and gore. My new favorite is Hatchet, and of course we dig all the Saw movies. I ain't afraid of shit. Bring it and I'll kick the shit out of it (laughs)!

M: Steven Tyler once said that after years of having women throw themselves at him, he often thought of having sex with a man just to see what it was like. Has being in a band changed how you look at sexual behavior?

BDR: Did he really say that? I can tell you what Motley Crue said, "Girls, Girls, Girls." There's lovemaking, there's fucking and there's sex. I prefer the sex.

M: A lot of metal bands in the past have drawn inspiration from drug use (Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Superjoint Ritual, Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin). How do you feel about drugs in the metal scene today?

BDR: If it's marijuana, smoke it. Any and all other drugs are not for us, our family or friends.

M: What CD (or CDs) is playing in your car right now?

BDR: "Pat Green, "Southbound 35" [from 1999's Live at Billy Bob's Texas]. I know what makes my ears smile.

M: THC gets transported back to the 1960s - what concert do they go see immediately?

BDR: Black Sabbath, not even a second thought, man. Ozzy is tha man, and to have seen him in his prime...

M: What is your favorite color M&M?

BDR: "Red....bring 'em on, man, by the pound!

M: If we drug-tested you, what would we find?

BDR: THC, brotha. I live it, play it and burn it.

M: Harley-Davidson or car? What is your dream car/bike?

BDR: Harley, of course. Big and fat.

M: Does/did your family/friends support your music, and how?

BDR: Yes very much so. They feed and house us starving, homeless musicians."

M: Who would you like to tour with?

BDR: "Motley Crue. See [earlier] question, man. Women, beers and THC would rule!

M: How would you characterize your taste in sex?

BDR: Texas hot, Texas sweet and Texas sticky. How about you?

M: What does your mom call you?

BDR: Used to be "Little Bastard," now "Big Bastard" (much laughter).

M: Would you sell your soul to the Devil to be the biggest band in the world for one year?

BDR: No, my soul belongs to Christ. Next question.

M: How did you guys come up with your sound? It reminds me of Pantera and Molly Hatchet had a baby that will kick the shit out of you.

BDR: We wanted to be a Southern rock meets modern Texas metal band. I think we've accomplished that pretty damn well. And if you don't like that answer, I will kick the shit out of you.

M: you see the band making changes for money or commercial sucks-ess, like, say, Nickelback?

BDR: No, I see the music industry changing [its] ways to accommodate us.

M: In retrospect, what do you think you could have done different on your first CD?

BDR: Not a damn thing.

M: What question do you want to answer that nobody ever asks?

BDR: Do you believe in God? Amen, you know I do, brother.

M: What is your favorite horror movie? Does anyone in the band dream of being in a Horror movie? Or acting in general?

BDR: The Devil's Rejects, [and] yes, I was UIL All-American four years in a row in theater arts. I really just took the class to be around the chicks, but ended up having much fun. I would love to be killed in a horror movie - if you're reading, Rob Zombie, have your people call my people.

M: What would you like to say to your fans, old and new?

BDR: To all the old fans, "We love you, my proud Coalition!" To all our new fans, "Welcome to the Coalition!" - Chris Miles

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