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Michael Jackson Memorial Underway

The Michael Jackson memorial service is underway at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Although Smokey Robinson has already expressed his condolences to the crowd, so far it's been a lot of talking heads; right now ABC News is discussing the market for MJ memorabilia. Here's a few tweets from our friends at L.A. Weekly who are inside.

"It smells like cheap perfume and hot dogs in here."

"Smokey Robinson just walked onto floor, as Jackson 5's never can say goodbye plays."

"Kobe Bryant just walked in to cheers!"

"Larry king just got a tepid applause as he walked in."

"Wow. It's very quiet here excerpt the blowhards from CNN behind me, who won't shut up. Service started, but many many empty seats, especially on the floor."

"Jesse Jackson just entered."

"They're apparently handing out tickets to fill the seats, maybe 200 because there are big chunks of peopleless spaces."

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