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Michael Lee's Magical Mythical Metal Is No Flashback

Too much is too much, but way too much is perfect. Michael Lee is way too much.

Lee's made his name as an editor and Emmy-nominated producer on everything from E! True Hollywood Story to Super Bowl post-game wrap-ups, but the San Antonio native was suckled at the teat of Van Halen and Judas Priest as a tyke, and has decided to claim the world of music as his own with his debut EP Hold on Till Heaven.

His Facebook page was sent to Rocks Off as a joke. "Hey! Look at this guy 80s guy! What a maroon!" Laugh all you want, but Michael Lee is not some cheeseball nostalgia-gimmick gimp. Sure, his music is over-the-top and unabashedly inspired by metal's more fantastical elements, but like The Darkness before him, an undercurrent of exemplary musicianship and innovation here sets the EP apart from a simple flashback.

Take opening track "Connection" by way of a for instance. Right when you're ready to sneer and shout, "Dokken!You're Sukken! Get off the Stage-n," you pick up on sinister industrial elements winding in and out of the pop-metal guitar riffs. In fact, the whole track made us think of the gritty awesomness of Daniel Ash's last EP, Flame On.

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