Midday MP3s: Twotenanny Edition

Tonight's Twotenanny at the Mink promises to be an exhilarating, if packed, good time. Co-organizer adr of the Skyline Network advises those under 21 who want to get their covers on to get there right when the doors open at 7, because the club will fill up fast and, you know, it wants to leave plenty of room for people who are drinking (of which there will be many). Evidently plans are already underway for some sort of "Troitenanny," but for now, enjoy this collection of MP3s (and a couple of videos) of tonight's talent Rocks Off managed to scrounge together.


Custom Drinker, as Rod Stewart:

Welfare Mothers, as Johnny Cash. This ought to be real interesting:

Paris Falls, as Rush. The spirit of radio!

American Sharks, as the Cars. Candy-O!

Upstairs bands still to come.

The Kimonos, as Blondie. Note to certain other local music critics who may or may not work for the Houston Chronicle and who obviously need to go back to school for some remedial New Wave lessons: Blondie rules. Always has, always will. If you can't eat to that beat, go find some other Sunday girl to play with.

Buxton, as Bjork. Thanks to Skyline Network for letting us, um, "borrow" this video of La Porte's finest covering "Cocoon."

Wild Moccasins as the B-52's. Wild Moccasins never sent us anything, but we're not mad. We found this instead:

Oops. Sorry. Beautiful snake though. This is more like it:

Tody Castillo and friends as Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Again, another no-send, so I guess this will just have to do. Boy, sometimes I really hate this job.

Flowers to Hide, as the Cure:

And, finally, Sharks and Sailors as the Police. Thanks to Melissa "Sting" Lonchambon for sending over this brand-new video for "Cliffs."

Remember, doors open at 7 p.m. sharp. Cover is five whole dollars. - Chris Gray

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.