Middlelands Wants Its VIPs to Party Like Royalty

Actor/DJ Kristian Nairn, better known as Hodor on Game of Thrones, wants you to join in the VIP revelry at Middlelands from May 5-7.
Actor/DJ Kristian Nairn, better known as Hodor on Game of Thrones, wants you to join in the VIP revelry at Middlelands from May 5-7.
Photo by Jack Gorman
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Now less than a month away, the inaugural Middlelands festival is going to be lit like an archer's arrow launched from Ramsay Bolton’s army toward one of Jon Snow’s half-brothers. There is a definite buzz surrounding the inaugural event when talking to people around the local electronic-music scene, and it's only going to grow louder as the days count down. From early events to the VIP amenities to the stacked lineup — click here for a final stage schedule — Middlelands should have people talking for years to come.

Middlelands Wants Its VIPs to Party Like RoyaltyEXPAND

Road to Middlelands
Insomniac is starting out with the Road to Middlelands club series over the next couple of weeks, as artists playing the festival pass through several major cities in Texas. Heaven Trap duo Slander is set to kick things off at the former sanctuary, Spire here in Houston on Thursday, April 20. Dallas, San Antonio, Austin and Lubbock will also have paths converging at Todd Mission, site of the Texas Renaissance Festival grounds.

Official Camping PreParty
The calling of all clans starts with Wednesday's early-arrival bonfire, but the music starts on Thursday. Middlelands' Official Camping PreParty will shake the pine needles off the evergreens; the Bassrush team isn’t playing around as 12th Planet, Space Jesus and Crizzley's booming thuds push the sonic limits. Expect a nonstop party once this starts, as festival-goers will be going hard for hours and hours through early Monday morning.

The VIP Treatment
It is good to be friends with the King as this opens many gates for more perks not allowed for the serfs and other commoners. Above and beyond all the other medieval-themed camping activities, the VIP Treatment provides complementary beer and wine during the King’s Happy Hour, designated areas to frolic and treasure hunts.

Why eat the standard turkey leg or sausage on a stick when you can go gourmet with the King’s Banquet Feast? These meals are reserved for the lords and ladies with only the finest palates and proper manners.

Having a difficult time balancing your bishop, squire and king? Go to the school of juggling. It’s an actual class for tossing items in the air, not bouncing around relationships.

The best VIP bonus is being able to hop in a carriage and feel the wind blowing through your flower crown as you speed by the peasants schlepping across the festival's massive 55 acres. This could be a lifesaver come Sunday night after three days of going hard.

Better take those sword-fighting lessons in case some filthy barbarian invades your Sound Camp and tries to steal your fine maiden and plunder your booty.

Don’t be a peasant. Be a VIP. Just remember it doesn’t mean you are better than anyone else; you just have access to more bullion.

Middlelands Wants Its VIPs to Party Like Royalty

Knight Owl After Parties
Fair maidens and elves without the coveted VIP bracelet will still have access to incredible events. Held every night in the Conqueror’s Court at the Insomniac Sound Camp, the Knight Owl After Parties will continue the festivities well after the main festival shuts down each night. It will be a mystical wonder as to how the kingdom can rage on and on for so long. Possibly the fairies sprinkling positive-vibe dust?

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