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Missed Connections: 5 Summer Fest Weekend Team-Ups We'd Like to See

In terms of pure variety, the weekend of June 1-3 may be the most stacked weekend of music Houston will see this year, and that's not just because of Summer Fest. In addition to the wide variety of acts playing Eleanor Tinsley Park, there's the regular weekend mass of shows taking place across the city.

It's a weekend that includes a Texas treasure (Willie Nelson), a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer (Bobby Womack) and the world's richest beach bum (Jimmy Buffet); alternative old (Collective Soul) and new (Seether); the universally loved (Snoop Dogg) and often hated (Nickelback). Whether you want to rock, dance, party, get silly or get undressed, there's probably something out there for you.

Now some would look at this abundance of entertainment and fret about not having the time to see it all. Rocks Off has a different fret: all these artists in one place and few if any are going to collaborate. Seems like quite the missed opportunity to us.

That doesn't mean we can't dream, though. Consider all the possibilities, and feel free to suggest your own.

5. Best Coast & Jimmy Buffett: While some see the summer as a form of fiery torture, there are those that thrive in the sun. Best Coast's brand of lo-fi indie pop sounds like the soundtrack to a trip to the beach or a long summer road trip. Jimmy Buffett also writes tunes for a trip to the beach, although one situated in a location more tropical than California.

The sounds of the surf and sun might be the most obvious connection between the two, but let's not forget their other shared passion: getting stoned. Bethany Cosentino mentions weed in different songs, and Buffet was interviewed in the first issue of High Times. We say put them together, tempt them with promises of snack food (but no brownies -- Cosentino has a gluten allergy) and let them work out a summer epic.

4. Diplo & Bush: Maybe it's unfair for us to wish for another set from Diplo this weekend. He's already playing double duty at Summer Fest with a solo set and a set as part of Major Lazer. Still, the man knows his way around a remix, having done them for acts that include The Decemberists, Kanye West and The Beatles.

Bush may be a grunge/alternative act, but they're no strangers to electronic music. Whether it's the electronic elements that seeped into their sound while recording The Science of Things or putting out that remix album with the awesome version of "Mouth," it can be argued they're more interesting when they branch out. Let Diplo pick one of the hits and see what kind of magic he can work out.

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