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Mix Bag: Exclusive Mike Pass Sneak Peek, Watch Out For Young Brown N Wreckin

Sunday afternoon was an important day for Rocks Off. We put together our first Houston Press Mike Pass, featuring 16 MCs with really diverse styles and from all parts of the city (we'll reveal just who they are soon). We filmed all over downtown Houston for what promises to be a good showing of the city's underground hip-hop scene. The idea was to go into downtown and ride the blood-flow of its veins instead of just admiring its silhouette from afar like most videos do. Downtown lent us its incredible architecture as a backdrop. Thanks, Downtown. Washington Avenue doesn't have shit on you in our book.

David Gaona of Houston's Street Science Management and Joe Yayo of Street's video production subsidiary G Films directed the Houston Press Mike Pass. When we had the idea of doing this project, we talked to Street Science's head of public relations, Jessica Vazquez, about putting together a project of this magnitude and she was all over it and pledged G Films to take on the mike pass.

Check them out because they've probably put together some of your favorite videos. They do everything and anything under the sun, from video production to artist management to Myhoodmusic.com. They work with Coast and Stunta, among others, and have some big things lined up in the coming weeks. More on them in a future "Behind the Lyrics" piece and more on the Houston Press Mike Pass real soon. We just wanted to whet your appetite.

Speaking of "Behind The Lyrics," this Wednesday we feature Mr. Trails, a Northwest Houston rapper who dropped his album Young Brown N Wreckin last week. Trails gave us a copy and although we've only heard a few tracks, it doesn't disappoint.

Trails is actually selling his work - not giving it away - and we support the hell out of that. In fact, even though he gave us a copy, we're going to buy one anyway. But don't do him a favor, do your iPod and speakers one and go get Young Brown N Wreckin, because, frankly, he's young, brown and he wrecks.

It's a happy Monday because we're going to the Jay-Z concert tonight. We're Big Pimpin'!

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Contributor Rolando Rodriguez is the co-founder of Trill Multicultural.