Mixtape 2: Girl Names

This month for the mixtape we thought: April is a girl’s name and so is May and June, too. So we went with the theme of songs that are also girl's names. Hey, what do you expect, we’re busy catching breaking news here, we can’t devote all our creativity to one thing. If you think our choices are lame then put your music preference where your keyboard is and suggest your own. -- Dusti Rhodes

See who picked what after the jump.

Richard Connelly, Staff Writer: “Janie Jones” – The Clash Todd Spivak, Staff Writer: “Allison” – Pixies Nick Keppler, Night & Day Editor: “Sara” – Bob Dylan Joe Espelage, Ad Man: “Jessica” – Allman Bros Keith Plocek, Blog Man: “Corrina, Corrina” – Bob Dylan Monica Fuentes, Art Director: “Maureen” – Sade Dan Kramer, Staff Photog: “Candy” – Iggy Pop Craig Malisow, Staff Writer: “Corinna” – Taj Mahal John Nova Lomax, Music Editor: “Maggie May” – Rod Stewart Dusti Rhodes, Asst. Night & Day Editor: “Dinah” – Thelonious Monk Julia Youseffnia, Editorial Assistant: “Vivian” – Nerf Herder Brett Koshkin, Music Listings: “Cindy” – Gary Wilson

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