Monday Mix Bag: A Mic Pass In Atlanta, New Felony Video And Some Wal-Mart Confessions

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Back in the day when we were teenagers in the hood, there was this guy with a really great personality who would come to our door once a month with brand new store merchandise. We're talking about anything from bicycles to VCRs (we said it was back in the day) to woman's costume jewelry. They were hot, as in stolen, if you haven't read in between the lines. We don't know why but when we write the Mix Bag we feel like that guy. We think he worked at Wal-Mart. Poor Wal-Mart, if they only knew how much they got jacked. All of our birthdays and Christmases, we think, came from all their disgruntled stockers. Anyway, we could buy a pair of $100 bikes from him for something ridiculous, like $20. They ended up getting stolen from us a year later so that tells you something about Karma. We stole a couple things from the YouTube grocery store over the weekend we thought you might like to buy for a cheap discounted rate, or maybe you have a six-pack of beer you might like to trade. From the Mexican canned food section, we have the ATL Latin Mic Pass. One thing we noticed about the ATL Latin Mic Pass, which doesn't look any different than ours at first glance, is that their guys in the background sure like to dance, where as our guys don't. Hey, it is Atlanta, after all. Props to these boys. Our favorites were Santana, Dopey, Irv and Ice. Which were yours? The other thing we got for you is Felony's new video, "Run This Town," and we got it from the frozen food section because it's cold. We've gotten good feedback from his appearance on The Hot Seat, so we thought a bit more of him wouldn't hurt. We're off to New York today. Our computer is straining to hang on to the drops of WiFi that's leaking into our First Class cabin as we try to send this to our editor before going wheels up. That's right. We said First Class. We'll admit that we're far from the days of buying $10 bikes, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't if given the opportunity. Holla at us, Mr. Disgruntled Wal-Mart stocker, because the Wii we bought our nieces for Christmas got jacked a few weeks ago right out their living room, and we bought it legit. Karma isn't consistent, is it? Rolando Rodriguez is the managing editor of www.redbrownandblue.com. Follow him on MySpace and Twitter.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.