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Monday Mix Bag: Aztek Escobar's Great Mystery, Deep Cold's Hip-Hop Fusion, and 5-Year-Old Rapper Declares He's a "Big Boy"

Remember all those coming-decade predictions we made about major-labels discovering Houston Latino rap artists and starting a movement to integrate this group of artists into mainstream hip-hop? Well, it almost happened in 2005. Houston's Aztek Escobar created a tremendous amount of buzz around the country when he became the first artist signed to Jay Z's Roc La Familia label. Wikipedia states:

"Aztek is no longer on Roc La Familia, yet a reason for his departure has not been provided by Aztek, nor Def Jam."

We don't buy that the relationship is completely severed, because he's still reppin' the label. Regardless, we still think Aztek is one of the best Latino rappers in the country. We were waiting until we had a loyal following on this Latino rap blog before writing on him, and we couldn't track him down this weekend, but we will. We're relentless that way. We hope that he'll shed some light on his label situation and give us some "behind the lyrics" insights on his life. When you're born in Columbia and escape the political turmoil that surrounds that country, you know there's a great story there.

In the meantime, get familiar with him by downloading his 2009 mixtape I Swear to God. Trust us, you won't regret it. Arguably the best song is "Houston, Texas" featuring Z-Ro. We've been bumping it all weekend. We don't want to go too much into Aztek until we talk to him but here's a small fact to hold you over: He can kick your ass. Check out the video.

Deep & Kamla Punjabi is another duo you shouldn't sleep on, because their trademark is being one of the best of the emerging national Desi hip-hop sound, a fusion of Bhangra and hip-hop. His debut album was 2005's In Trunks Now, released independently. It featured Slim Thug, David Banner, Big Moe, Big Pokey and Too Short. More on these two later this month, but for now, let us remind you why Indian women are some of the hottest things on this planet.

And finally, we got a kick out of Dezi B, a five-year-old rapper out of Corpus Christi. His second single, "Yup, I'm a Big Boy" is something Big Bird and Elmo must jam when they're not entertaining children. We know what you're thinking, "Second single? What? Did he release his first from the womb?"

Dezi B "I'm A Big Boy" Music Video from G Films on Vimeo.

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