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Monday Mix Bag: Backstage With DJ Flea, Lucky Luciano Protege Lil Koo Puts Freeport on the Map

We're always scouring the Internet for videos that'll help give listeners of hip-hop an appreciation for the work put into making a track, mixtape or album, or provide aspiring artists some helpful hints on how to be successful in the game and have the right mentality going in. We've got a little of both in today's Mix Bag.

DJ Flea gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the making of his Bring It Back mixtape series that's been buzzing the Twitter timelines as of late. You'll remember we spoke to Dat Boi T about the project a few months back. He's been hosting the mixtapes, but this latest one, Bring It Back Pt. 4, is hosted by Lucky Luciano.

Speaking of Lucky, here's an interview of him by Naztradamas DVD, where he talks about everything from ignoring hateful comments on his articles, to the importance of nurturing the fans, to the politics plaguing the game.

Lucky talked to us about a new protégé of his, named Lil Koo out of Freeport. We love it when artists out of small towns make a name for themselves in the big city; maybe it's because we're from Richmond. When we listened to him, he reminded us of a younger version of Lucky and we thought it was ironic when Lucky told us afterwards that "he kind of sounded like a younger version of me."

Lil Koo is a relentless guy who stays in your face until you take notice, a type of hustle that sold Lucky into investing his time and resources into him.

"He lets me guide him and takes my advice," Lucky tells Rocks Off. "I feel like I can take my lessons that I've learned in this business and share them with a young artist, like Koo, so that he won't have to make the same mistakes I did."

"He hit me on MySpace about two years ago and wanted to do a song with me," he continues. "He told me that he didn't have that much money but was willing to give me what he had. Ever since then he would send me music with him on the hook or something."

Persistence paid off as Koo was eventually featured on Thoed Essays and Playas Paradise 3 mixtapes and is now releasing Da Koo Kid on Da Block under Steak N Shrimp Records.

"I like how he can rap and sing," Lucky says. "Something like a Coast but more for the bitches. Something like a Meskin version of Drake."

Look out for Koo and look out for Lil Villain's new project in its final stages of being pressed up, Da Infamous Villain. Southeast's Villain called us this weekend and said he's sending us an advance copy and drop date soon. We'll keep you posted. And Preemo sent us an advance copy of Concrete Dreams. And here's one more video by one of our favorite Latino hip-hop artists out of Arizona, named G-MOE, because we still like fucking with your job.

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