More Drama, But No New Name In Meridian/Wired Live Saga

Rocks Off finally just heard back from Jeff Barry, attorney for SG Properties and now general manager of its tenant, The Venue Formerly Known As Wired Live, about some of the things that have been going on surrounding the lockout of Wired Live/Chartres Entertainment owner Anosh Ahmed earlier this week. First of all, the venue still does not have a name. Barry says he's having a "little bit of a legal issue" with the name he wanted for the business at 1503 Chartres, Boomtown Entertainment Complex. "It's a trademark issue," he says. "So whatever's out there, that will not be the name of the complex. We're in the process of refiling." As for Ahmed, he told Rocks Off Thursday that the unpaid rent went toward improvements to help the building pass a couple of inspections, and that when the landlord was uncooperative in helping him resolve his issues with the City of Houston, he decided to get out. Barry says the former tenant "left a giant mess" at the club, has been making "salacious allegations" and that the now-unnamed venue has all its proper occupancy certificates.

"Anosh has made all sorts of allegations that we've locked him out illegally," Barry says. "I've got his stuff, and I'm holding it under my landlord's lien. He is not getting anything back without paying. My lockout is perfectly legal. I guarantee you if my lockout were illegal, Anosh and his alleged team of lawyers would have already taken care of it. I know for a fact it wouldn't take that long to get a lawyer on the phone and get a writ of habeas corpus or some sort of writ of possession filed."

Rocks Off has a hunch this is far from over. Stay tuned.

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