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Here's a little extra from our conversation with Tex Kerschen of Indian Jewelry in our feature Smoke Signals, Indian Jewelry comes home by Olivia Flores Alvarez in the November 30 issue of the Houston Press.

Houston Press: It's been about a year since you played in Houston, let's see what's happened in that time? Oh, yeah, the Two Gallants just got beat up by a cop during a show a few weeks ago.

Tex Kerschen: Yeah, I saw that footage. It was disgusting. That's how Houston was in the 70s, with cowboy police and everything. Maybe it's time for a riot.

HP: I'll check and see if anyone has booked Moody Park.


HP: Did that surprise you, the thing with the Two Gallants?

Kerschen: With the police going nuts? I don't think so. I think Houston gives carte blanche to its police. It gives carte blanche to corporations, police, any authority. That's just the way they like to run things.

HP: That seems very unfair. Your career might depend not on your talent and ability to draw a crowd, but on whether somebody decides to make a noise complaint or not.

Kerschen: Really that affects musicians probably less than maybe it should. Musicians kind of survive like cockroaches ... and rats. People who want to run these areas, they actually want a band like Two Gallants, because they are a wholesome, kind of bland group. They don't want bands like us. I'm sure they wouldn't want us anywhere near their future condos and townhouses. Because we do get our kicks off of being rambunctious. It seems in Houston; there's a movement toward parties and warehouse [shows], a deep underground because the bars always seem to be going belly up. - Olivia Flores Alvarez

Indian Jewelry performs Thursday, November 30, at Walter's on Washington, 4215 Washington, 713-862-2513. A Pink Cloud, Inoculist and the Kimonos also perform.

For the rest of our conversation with Tex Kerschen, pick up this week's issue of the Houston Press or go online here. For more about the Two Gallants incident, including Houston Press Music Editor John Nova Lomax' article Warfare on Washington, go online here.

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