More Labor Day Music: 5 Secret Anti-Labor Songs

Work sucks.

You know it, Rocks Off knows it, and just because your boss magnanimously decides to throw you one day off between July 4th and Thanksgiving doesn't change that fact.

So you take your solace where you can, in the little things, like music. Musicians are hard workers like you, right? They sympathize with your working-class leanings, wishing you nothing but the best as you slog through your 8-to-5 existence.

Yeah, not always. While you're out there barbecuing and enjoying the rare three-day weekend, remember not all of your rock and roll heroes have your best interests at heart.

5. The Kinks, "20th Century Man"

"Born in a welfare state?" "Ruled by bureaucracy?" Ray Davies overplays his hand by longing for the "romantic" era of Da Vinci and Titian, when most people were more concerned with keeping their kids from dying of tuberculosis than upholding socialist ideals.

4. Oingo Boingo, "Capitalism"

Sure, just because Danny Elfman and the boys were part of one of the most venerable alt-rock outfits around, you might think they were sympathetic to the plight of white suburban punks. Think again, you "middle class, socialist brats."

Mick Jagger, "Let's Work"

People tend to forget that, before they were "The Rolling Stones," Mick studied at the London School of Economics. Therefore, it's not that hard to believe he might pen a Thatcherite screed like this one.

The Offspring, "Why Don't You Get a Job?"

This one's almost too easy: They're pretend punks, so why not record songs that are the complete antithesis of the punk movement? And to the tune of a Beatles song ("Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da") to boot?

Huey Lewis and the News, "Workin' for a Livin'"

He's "taking what they're giving" because he's working for a living. Guess we're lucky the men and women who fought for overtime and the eight-hour workday didn't share your defeatist attitude, Huey.

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