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More Local Music News Than Award-Winning Hamburgers

Come one, come all, Friday the 13th or not, we'll forever brave the week-long deluge of local music news, blog posts, tweets, Facebook updates, etc. and sift through it all to bring our readers yet another Magnolia City Mixtape.

Our soundtrack this week is comes from Jonathan Jindra, whose album under his moniker Trills "Blue Metabolic Sunrise" is now available for free download. Jindra's also posted a music video for the song "Cnidaria" that'll be on his upcoming "əˈnɛməni" release.

The fine ladies of Houston that put together Girls Rock Camp have a gala tomorrow night, and Rocks Off is of the opinion that anyone who doesn't support the GRC cause, well, has no soul. The gals are hoping for $5,000, as of right now they've garnered just under $3K. Help them out, why don't you?

Fired For Walking and Dead Mineral are releasing a split 7-inch at Rudyard's next Friday. A scant five dollars will get you in the door, a copy of the record, and some free beer while it lasts.

Kyle Hubbard premiered a new track, "Around The Way."

Holy Fiction wrote in to let us know that they'll be releasing a re-imagined electronic version of their album "Hours From It" called "Hours From Dance." Listen to the first track on their Facebook page.

Co-Pilot overhauled their Bandcamp page. Bass player Brandon Lemons tells us that the band has finished writing their new full-length and is about to head into the studio to record it, as well as a split they'll be doing with Ottawa's Alaskan.

Luke Lukas returns with a new video wherein he makes (a song entitled) "Baked Beans" in his kitchen.

Robert Ellis told American Songwriter magazine all about the origin of his track "Westbound Train." He's also featured on the magazine's sampler for the month, alongside some pretty hefty company.

"Don't Breathe The Air," at least not according to Coast, who shows up with a new track this week.

Sounds like Bun B and Nick of Islands are going to be on a new Fat Tony track entitled "Bad Habits."

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