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More Local Music News Than Dry Creeks In Texas

It's time for another fabulous installment of Magnolia City Mixtape. We took last week off, as we were still recovering from the whirlwind of Free Press Summer Fest. Call us lazy if you will, but this week we've got a double dose of local music news to make up for it. If you're into rap videos, this one's a doozy.

Jerks still abound in this town, unfortunately, and now Tyagaraja is missing some precious notebooks (right) that were stolen at Summer Fest. Keep an eye out for them, please. Tyagaraja also uploaded some old Million Year Dance tracks to Soundcloud recently.

Here's a nice long clip of Bun B performing at Summer Fest. More notably, though, a new Pimp C track featuring Bun and Big Krit has surfaced, and news is that there will be a new Pimp C album, titled Still Pimpin, out this summer.

Bun B also shows up on a Masspike Mike track titled "Devoted."

Sexy and mysterious duo Phootlong is back with a new tune, "Yo Momma Be Schemin'" - this one's a parody that ought to be pretty easy to place.

Dave Wrangler's got a spacey remix of Fat Tony's track, "Home."

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Marc Brubaker
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