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More Local Music News Than Flying Elbow Drops

We may have lost Macho Man Randy Savage this morning, but MCM is still alive and dropping that flying elbow full of local music news. Snap into the latest installment of our Magnolia City Mixtape. Ooooohhh Yeeaaahhh!

Before we dive in, don't forget that the poster show for Free Press Summer Fest is tonight at Winter Street Gallery. Stop by before heading out to whatever show is on your schedule, have a drink, and see some of the fantastic artwork.

Speaking of FPSF, Peelander Z was added to the lineup this week, and Cut Copy was announced as part of Sunday's after-party.

Team Science! Records is now taking pre-orders for The Energy's second album, Get Split.

Looks like Arcade Fire might be putting together a DVD of their performance in The Woodlands after all. Our friend and talented photographer Ryan Booth was part of an eight man crew that filmed the evening, and got to hang out and shoot all day.

Our video roll kicks off this week with this smooth new Hollywood FLOSS video for his song "Take Notice" posted on his site, complete with Kings of Leon shirt.

Pearland artist Vagina Missile Crisis sent in some tracks for everyone to examine.

Rapper Chalie Boy has a brand new Web site.

Still don't have Something Fierce's Don't Be So Cruel yet? First - what's wrong with you? Second - Punknews.org has the entire album up for streaming, so go listen to it.

American Songwriter plugs another Robert Ellis song this week, "What's In It For Me."

HasHBrown shows up with a new track, "Crazy" featuring production from his alter-ego, Jett I. Masstyr.

Four Letter Music posted the tracks from the Get Your Sh*t Together, Vol. 1 split with Fired For Walking and Dead Mineral that'll be released at Rudyard's tonight.

Luke Lukas drops another song onto YouTube, this one the bleakly named "Prolly Gon' Die."

Nasty Nique has a new album of remixes done by That Purple Bastard, appropriately entitled Breakfast Of Bastards.

Otenki didn't win the Billboard Battle of the Bands, but you can still read the interview with the band.

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