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More Local Music News Than Open Drummer Jobs

Magnolia City Mixtape might have taken the week off in order to cover SXSW last week, but Houston's music scene kept right on rolling. That means that we've got not one, but two full weeks of news wrapped up in this installment.

For our soundtrack this week, we've a brand-new album from Buxton collaborator Haley Barnes. It posted just hours ago, and if these bright tunes don't bring at least one smile across that face, well, you probably lack a soul.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let's look at some upcoming shows. The big deal this week is tonight's Devo show at Warehouse Live, with goofy Austin noisemakers The Octopus Project opening the evening.

Tonight, MCM's high school chum David Ramirez makes a stop at The Mink. Some music rag called Paste has been streaming Ramirez's latest EP, Strangetown, so we're not the only one's thinking it deserves a listen.

Folk son Arlo Guthrie stops into House of Blues tonight.

Super Happy Fun Land turns eight tomorrow, with a big show including Darwin's Finches, Giant Battle Monster and much more.

The longhaired redneck himself, David Allan Coe, stops in to Numbers tonight to make up for his date that fell through at Meridian a few months back.

People love to hate Scott Stapp - so if that money's where your mouth is, take it to House of Blues Tuesday night.

There's apparently a certain degree of difficulty when it comes to ensuring Lil' Keke's presence sometimes, but odds are very good that he'll be present at his House of Blues birthday bash on Wednesday.

Need some punk? Head over to Mango's on Wednesday for the latest free punk show, featuring Talk Sick Brats, The Wrong Ones, Davey Crockett, and Rivers.

For those who didn't trek northwest last week, Houston was well represented. In fact, Robert Ellis managed to heartily impress the folks at American Songwriter magazine. Robert also picked up a tattoo at SXSW. How apropos.

Here's video of Bun B inviting several rappers including Trae Tha Truth onstage with him at SXSW to perform "Phone Numbers." Bun follows that up by leading the crowd in an a cappella version of "International Player's Anthem," just like a truly badass OG.

And here's a video MCM shot of Fat Tony performing "Nigga U Ain't Fat" at Headhunters.

Tony also debuted SCREWDARGAB, the chopped and screwed version of his album RABDARGAB, with a listening party at The Flat on Thursday night. Missed it? Grab it here.

DJ Sun gives everyone a copy of his set from the Two Sevens Clash show he performed during SXSW. He has also uploaded his February 14 set from The Flat.

Several shows have been announced. On April 1 - no fooling here - Something Fierce will officially release their third album, Don't Be So Cruel, with a show at Mango's.

Also on the bill are Wicked Poseur and The Hangouts, and Fat Tony as host. Meanwhile, preview a few tracks on Bandcamp.

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