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More Local Music News Than Open Drummer Jobs

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Westbound announced a lot of new shows.

The Houston Sound concert series at Market Square Park has returned, announcing its spring dates.

KTRU announced the lineup of the 20th annual KTRU Outdoor Show, along with a sweet poster by Mr. Shelby Hohl.

listenlisten is slated to open up the Savannah Record Fair next month.

There's a ton of new music out there. First, though, there's a new Western Standards track that can be yours for a simple donation. Proceeds go to Japan-oriented relief work.

American Fangs wants everyone to have some new songs, too. Listen here.

The Energy have two new tracks online from their upcoming album, Get Split. From the looks of things, the tracks available for streaming will continue changing until the album is released.

Here are the latest two installments of Squincy Jones' Screwed Tuesdays.

Andrew Karnavas recorded an album for kids under his new project, AndyRoo - remember that? It's up for streaming now, and "Hopscotch" is free for all.

Plus, here's a trio of new remix tracks from That Purple Bastard. "Nuttiness," Uffie's "Rick" and Beach House's "Silver Soul."

The Cutters' self-titled debut album is now available through Dischord's distribution. Apparently, the Washington CityPaper thinks D.C. needs the band more than Houston does.

Perhaps you want a Square And Compass T-shirt?

Are you a drummer? Perhaps you'd be interested in joining Giant Battle Monster or Muhammadali?

Or perhaps you're interested in a more temporary project, like the one Female Demand is attempting to pull?

Want to see Orange Is In performing "Time Is My Enemy" at Guero's during SXSW?

Blue Metabolic Sunrise, the new album from Trills, is available now as a physical release, with a digital download coming in the next month or so. Check out a video for the song "Shutter Memory."

Agro-Wax Records has a new Crime Wave 12" out and available for download. Grab it here, or check out the track "Idi Amin."

Mayalino's got a new mixtape, Ready For War.

Chamillionaire debuted a new track, "Passenger Seat."

Luke Lukas shares another song from his Tiny Numbers EP, "Sooner Than Later."

Football, Etc.'s new album The Draft was released last week, and Kyle Fisher has some really nice things to say it. Who? Oh, just that dude from Rainer Maria. No big deal.

We'll leave with a heavy dose of nostalgia sure to tide everyone over until next week. YouTube user itchykorean has been uploading lots of old concert footage to his account. This includes a plethora of live performances at The Abyss, The Axiom, Emo's Houston, The Vatican, and more.

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