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More Local Music News Than People Asking Us For Summer Fest Passes

It's Friday, June 3 - do you know what that means? That's right, Free Press Summer Fest is a scant day away. In mere hours the city shall be frolicking to the Satanic call of rock 'n' roll, getting sunburned and dehydrated, tripping on Lord knows what, and having a grand ol' time. Until then, however, we've got a boatload of local music news. Several of these acts are playing the festival, so get to clicking these links and learn more about your local music scene.

New songs from Deep Cuts and The State Vs Judd Nelson also cropped up on Bandcamp. The former could be a Vampire Weekend outtake, while the latter is ear-destroying computer grind.

Music has surfaced from two new acts on semi-dormant local label Mia Kat Empire. Children of Pop and Via Cavour will both be featured on a new MKE compilation set to come out this month - so don't be surprised if one lands in your hands at Summer Fest.

The newest Western Standards release is a 37-minute ambient track entitled "Exit." Stream it online, or slip it onto your computer for three bones.

In case you missed Jef's post about it, The 71's have a brand new video, directed by Justin Kling, for their song "Get Up And Dance."

Looks like a new iLL LiaD album is coming on July 4.

Lest you think that Street King Trae Tha Truth was dormant when MCM posted last week, we'd like to apologize - somehow our Trae notes didn't make the post. He's still on his furious pace, dropping a new mixtape, Undisputed, include the track "Money Made" for which there's a music video.

Trae also shows up with features on Chiddy Bang's "Heatwave", OJ Da Juiceman's "Grills Are Gold" and a new track, "Duffel Bag" - which will be on the upcoming Bigga Rankin & The Cool Runnings DJ's Everybody Eats.

Mark C. Austin posted video from a recent Tyagaraja solo set at Rudyard's. Watch him perform "We Will Meet Again."

Jon Black and Kyle Hubbard are featured on ReUpSpot's new mixtape, The South.

Counterpart Films has footage of Donald Glover performing at Warehouse Live, complete with Bun B's surprise freestyle.

Speaking of Bun B, here's a clip of him performing "Draped Up" in Croatia on May 31 in a car as part of the Gumball 3000 tour.

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